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Our Studios

Acton Academy Hamilton is committed to providing an exceptional education for students. With our five different studio classes, Acton Academy Eagles have the opportunity to explore and develop their interests while also building a strong academic foundation. Discover our unique approach to education today.


Discovery Studio

Ages 5 – 8

Our Acton Heroes progress through the studios as they master specific skills. The purpose of the Discovery Studio is to equip young learners to gain control over their actions, motives, and learning. This studio is for the heroes who are ready to embrace their academics at a deeper level. 


Middle School Studio

Ages 11 – 14

Middle School is a transformative experience as children navigate from childhood and young adulthood. Students learn leadership and self-direction at a deeper level through Socratic discussions and increasingly independent, in-depth quests. Core skills and quests involve deep research and discussions. 


Spark Studio

Ages 4.5 – 6

Spark Studio is designed for entry level Acton Heroes. Student will focus on academics, cooperative learning and developing independent skills. The Spark Studio is intended for students wanting to pursue their education at Acton Academy.


Elementary Studio

Ages 7 – 12

The goal of the Elementary studio is to equip each learner with the work ethic and relationship skills to be an independent learner. Being offered the freedom to fail and learn from failure is a pivotal pillar at Acton Academy Hamilton. The Elementary studio has four main learning parts: Socratic discussions, core skills, civilization and quests. 


Launchpad Studio

Ages 14 – 18

The goal of Launchpad is for each graduate to discover a Next Great Adventure — a superpower skill, industry, and place to live and work — where he or she will find a calling that will change the world. For the most dedicated of learners who hold the line on standards in the Middle School Studio, Launchpad Studio can be a dream come true.

Belief System

A Belief Systems says:
“Dare to be great! We are doing something that matters.”

Boundary System

A Boundary Systems says:
“You have a great deal of freedom, as long as you stay between these lines.”


Momentary failures and real-world consequences are a natural part of 21st-century learning, but shame is not. It is never acceptable to intentionally shame a young Hero, parent, or Guide, or expose them to serious harm.


A Guide’s role is to model behavior that leads to self-directed learning.


Guides do not assign grades or rank learners but simply ask: “Is that the best you can do?” and invite a learner to try again if the answer is “no.”


Guides never nag, nudge or use passive aggressive behavior to try and influence the choice of a learner.



All communications with parents must be transparent to the community so the responsibility for excellence and growth ultimately remains with young heroes and parents.

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