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About Acton

Dare to be great! We are doing something that matters.


Our Story

Stephanie and Jim Cass moved to Hamilton in 2016 and saw the need for educational based childcare and new learning environments.  Ms. Steph, had over 25 years of teaching experience and started Curious Minds Montessori and Preschool in the summer of 2018.  After the first year of growth, there was an increased demand for educational based childcare, and they decided to expand in the summer of 2019 into a new facility.  Curious Minds grew to include Infant, Toddler, and Preschool programs.


In the fall of 2019, Stephanie and Jim discovered Acton Academy.  A highly personalized, self-paced, learner-driven education model and fell in love with it.  Thus, Acton Academy Hamilton was created.


Curious Minds Montessori & Preschool is founded.


Curious Minds Montessori grows to include Infant, Toddler, and Preschool care.


Due to rapid growth, Curious Minds Montessori and Preschool relocates to 235 Kurtz Ln.


Acton Academy Hamilton is founded, offering studios for students up to middle school. 


Brand new facility is constructed for Acton Academy Hamilton.


Acton Academy Hamilton expands to include Launchpad, the high school curriculum.


The founders move to Hamilton, Montana. 

Eagle Pride

Welcome to Acton Academy Hamilton, where eagle pride is alive and well! Our school is more than just a place to learn; it's a community of learners, innovators, and leaders. We take pride in our eagle school mascot, which symbolizes our determination to soar above the challenges and obstacles of life. At Acton Academy Hamilton, we are committed to fostering growth and development in all areas of life, from academics to character-building. Join us and become a part of our eagle community today!



235 Kurt Ln
Hamilton, MT 59840


(406) 363-7279



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Our Mission

Each person who enters Acton Academy Hamilton will find a calling that changes the world.

Our Beliefs

We believe each person has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.
We believe in learning to learn, learning to do, and learning to be.
We believe in a closely connected family of lifelong learners.
We believe in economic, political, and religious freedom.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe clear thinking leads to good decisions, good decisions lead to the right habits, the right habits forge character, and character determines destiny.

A Space for Learning

In 2021, Acton Academy Hamilton decided to build a brand new facility adjacent to the Curious Minds Montessori and Preschool to accommodate their constantly growing student body. 

From state-of-the art classrooms, communal learning spaces, and outdoor recreational areas, Acton offers the perfect space for students to focus and dive deep into their education.

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