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Welcome to Acton Academy Hamilton!

At Acton Academy Hamilton, we provide personalized curriculum for students in kindergarten through high school that inspires curiosity, promotes critical thinking, and enables students to become lifelong learners, confident leaders and entrepreneurs.

Real-World Learning

Individualized Learning Plans

Entrepreneurial Mindset

"A normal person compares themselves to others. A hero compares themselves to who they were yesterday."

Acton Student, Age 9

At Acton Academy Hamilton, education is about empowering students to succeed. We believe children are far more capable than most imagine. Our project-based learning curriculum allows students to take their education into their own hands, working collaboratively on projects that ignite their passions while developing essential skills they will use throughout their lives. Our focus on personal growth and self-directed learning sets us apart from traditional schools, creating an environment where students truly thrive. Join us and let’s inspire a generation of self-directed learners together!

The Hero's Journey

Acton Academy Hamilton is full of heroes! Check out this video to learn more about what a Hero's Journey looks like Acton Academy. 

Our Promises

We promise through Socratic guiding and experiential learning to encourage each member of our community to:


Begin a Hero's Journey


Discover precious gifts and a commitment to mastery


Become a curious, independent, life-long learner


Embrace the forging of a strong character


Cherish the arts, the physical world, and the mysteries of life


Treasure economic, political, and religious freedom

Our Mission

Each person who enters Acton Academy Hamilton will find a calling that changes the world.

Our Beliefs


We believe each person has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.
We believe in learning to learn, learning to do, and learning to be.
We believe in a closely connected family of lifelong learners.
We believe in economic, political, and religious freedom.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe...

  • Clear thinking leads to good decisions

  • Good decisions lead to the right habits

  • The right habits forge character

  • Character determines destiny

Ages 4.5–6


Spark Studio is designed for entry level Acton Heroes. Student will focus on academics, cooperative learning and developing independent skills. The Spark Studio is intended for students wanting to pursue their education at Acton Academy.

We offer a range of learning studios for students from kindergarten through high school. Our programs are designed to provide a personalized and engaging learning experience that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Kindergarten through High School

Real-World Learning Experiences

Individualized Learning Plans

Tuition Plans

We offer competitive tuition rates for our educational programs. Please contact us for more information.

Annual Tuition



per year

Paid all at once

Monthly Tuition



per month

9 total payments

Ready to join the Acton Academy Hamilton community and experience the difference that our innovative educational approach can make in your child's life?

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